Mobile Application Industry

Mobile apps are one that is fast moving in the market, due to their ability to perform the assigned task in a simple and an elegant way. Two third of the reasons for going with the mobile apps are they are replacing the traditional desktop devices and they are muchRead More →

Ergonomics and Fitness Apps

If you’re an office worker, trying to juggle work with staying healthy and fit can be next to impossible. Between working on the computer for hours on end, attending meetings, to often just a short lunch break in between, who has the time to worry about this minor thing calledRead More →

Google Closing Inbox by Gmail App

It was seen on the horizon. Google will make changes to its email policy, and in March 2019 it will close the Inbox service to focus only on Gmail. The company released the news on its official blog arguing mainly that, after the most recent update of Gmail, many ofRead More →